I offer editing services for all types of writing—from self-help books to memoirs to novels to scholarly articles to dissertations to textbooks. I read widely and can draw on my experience to help you with research and rewriting, too.

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Rates vary depending on the level of editing you choose and your deadline.

All prices are subject to change before we agree to work together. If a project entails more or less work than I had expected and estimated it would, prices may need to be renegotiated.

You can see a short sample edit with comments on the Editing Sample page

Types of Editing
Proofreading is a quick read-through of a piece of writing to check for typos and spelling and basic grammatical errors such as verb tense, comma usage, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences.

Copyediting is a more detailed treatment of a piece of writing that focuses on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as word choice, sentence structure, clarity, and style. This type of editing will also help you focus paragraphs and chapters and also catch factual errors.

Substantive editing goes beyond just applying grammatical rules to a piece of writing. It involves a consideration of the writing as a whole to determine not just that it’s grammatically correct but also that it’s logical and well organized. Substantive editing will help you think about how your writing resonates with your audience and whether it is a coherent whole. It entails rearranging, deleting, adding, and rewriting pages and chapters.

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